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"Their extensive
knowledge of the field,
the original research
that goes into each
creative program, the
well-wrought program
notes and their smart
from behind
the keyboard all combine
to create a sense of celebratory occasion
at every concert
they give."
—Andante Magazine



Kurt Weill's Berlin

A program devoted to the irony, satire, and sentiment of Kurt Weill, with contributions from fellow cabaret composers Tucholsky, Eisler and Hollaender. Performed by soprano Constance Hauman, mezzo-soprano Kimberly Barber and tenor Peter Kazaras, with Mark Stewart on banjo, guitar and cello and Steven Blier on piano.

Hollaender:  Wenn der alte Motor wieder tackt; Tritt mir bloβ nicht auf Schuh;
Bienert:  Augen in die Groβstadt; Song of Indifference; Parc Monceau
Weill: The Shopgirls’ Duet and Ceasar's Death from “Der Silbersee”;
Weill: Bilbao Song and Mandelay Song from “Happy End”,
Weill: Nana’s Lied, Berlin im Licht;
Weill: Bei Mir Bist Du Schayn

: There’s Nothing Quite Like Money
Gershwin: Feeling I’m Falling