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"Their extensive
knowledge of the field,
the original research
that goes into each
creative program, the
well-wrought program
notes and their smart
from behind
the keyboard all combine
to create a sense of celebratory occasion
at every concert
they give."
—Andante Magazine

The New York Poets

An irreverent group of Harvard schoolmates, the New York School of poets and their friends shocked and delighted audiences of the 1950s-60s with their ebullient sense of the absurd. Poems by Koch, Ashbery, O'Hara, Schuyler, Weinstein and others, set to music by Ned Rorem, William Bolcom, Virgil Thomson, Ricky Ian Gordon, Christopher Berg and others. With soprano Amy Burton, mezzo-soprano Sasha Cooke, tenor Joseph Kaiser and baritone Philip Cutlip, accompanied by pianists Steven Blier and Michael Barrett.

Berg/O'Hara: Lana Turner Has Collapsed; Is It Dirty
Bolcom/Weinstein: She's Peculiar; I'm His; At the Last Lousy Moments of Love
Rorem/Ashbery: At North Farm; This Room
Richarson/Elmslie: What Will I Do Now He's Gone
Duke/Latouche: Little Poppa Satan
Rorem/Goodman: Rain in Spring; The Lordly Hudson
Bowles/Schuyler: I Knew This Other Man Was Married
Bolcom/Weinstein: Boardwalk Scene
Thomson/Koch: Prayer to St. Catherine
Beaser/O'Hara: I'm So Much More Me
Lieber/Stoller: Love Potion Number 9