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"No group in the city
presents a more
scintillating program
of songs
than those
offered in this
valuable series"
– The New Yorker

"The festival may be
the most reliably
excellent musical
organization in New York.
What orchestra, ensemble
or opera company
can make every show
so special


Reviews: Manning the Canon

Back by Popular Demand!
Manning the Canon will be reprised in November 2011.
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"insightful and imaginative, touching and funny" —Anthony Tommasini, The New York Times
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"a beguiling, even seductive guide… In "Manning the Canon," Blier revealed himself as the coolest dude in town." —Opera News
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"Great songs, and great singing." —The Big City
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"the expert delivery and sincerity of the four singers ensured there were no dull moments in this touching, heartfelt, and above-all entertaining musical journey" —Parterre Box
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