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"Their extensive
knowledge of the field,
the original research
that goes into each
creative program, the
well-wrought program
notes and their smart
from behind
the keyboard all combine
to create a sense of celebratory occasion
at every concert
they give."
—Andante Magazine


Latin Lovers

A vast array of songs and zarzuela from the diverse regions of Latin America and Spain, compiled from NYFOS's two decades plus of programs featuring Hispanic song, filled with seductive melody and hypnotic rhythm. Works by Ernesto Lecuona, Eliseo Grenet, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Ernesto Nazareth and others. Performed by Dina Kuznetsova, Jennifer Aylmer, Vivica Genaux, Adriana Zabala, Jeffrey Picón, Paul Appleby, Ricardo Herrera, Scott Hendricks, Carlton Ford and others, with pianists Steven Blier and Michael Barret.
Braga: Engenho novo!
Grenet: Lamento Cubano; Tú no sab inglé
Nazareth: Odeon
Jobim: Corcovado
Gardel: Por una cabeza
Pixinguinha: Carinhoso
Simons: Palmira; La negra quirina
Somehano: Dime
Lecuona: Como el arrullo de palmas
Ginastera: Canción al árbol del olvido
Guarneri: Quando ti ve pe la primeira vez
Turina: Farruca
Ravel: Vocalise-Habañera